Thursday, November 23, 2017

Mukoubuchi Chapter 16

At long last, I bring to you Chapter 16 of Mukoubuchi, starting a brand-new arc! It's been 7 months since the last chapter, which is due to a number of factors. I had to do the translating, cleaning, AND typesetting on this chapter, and also there was the long essay at the end of Volume 2 which I worked on in bits and pieces when I wasn't translating Kaiji. But it's finally here, and this time, Yasunaga will be taking us down to an underground casino where Kai's opponent for this arc works as a Baccarat dealer...

As I mentioned, I did all the translating, cleaning and typesetting this chapter, but even though he humbly took himself out of the credits on the first page, Tambur was integral to making sure all the formatting stayed consistent and everything looked perfect, so thanks very much to him!

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"Now, do try to run away."

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Mukoubuchi Chapter 15

Your eyes do not deceive you, Mahjongkrazy has finally released another chapter! And not just that, it's going to resolve a year-long cliffhanger that we've left you on!! Terribly Sorry for the delay on this but again I needed to finish Shin Janki before I could feel good about releasing another chapter of this, and also Tambur isn't really interested in this manga anymore so it took some manipulation to get him to even do this chapter. I'll probably do the chapters from here on in on my own whenever I get a chance, there's still one more arc I definitely want to get to.

Thanks to Penchan for the cleans and to Tambur for the typesetting! Mahjong night is happening right now on the IRC!!

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"Minus 1000 Yen... that is your worth as a man."

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Shin Janki: Underground Mahjong Gambling! The Man Undefeated for 20 Years

It took me nearly a whole year, but I can finally say I kept my promise!! I let Ricu pick this movie as his choice for winning the 2nd FKMTkrazy Mahjong Tournament and even though I've never done anything like this before and there's still some lines I'm not 100% sure about, I managed to translate this movie to the best of my ability, certainly enough for you to understand the story!

I wound up having to pay a transcriber to help me with the lines I couldn't make out, so if you appreciate me finally finishing this consider donating to FKMTkrazy to help me make back some of the money I had to spend subbing this movie! Of course, not all the money would go to me, some will go to buying new chapters of Akagi and to other members of FKMTkrazy. Thank you!

Also, you have my complete permission to upload this to other sites wherever you think it would be appropriate, or to hard sub it into one file. I encourage it, even! Oh, and sorry for the shit quality, it was the only version I could find.

Movie Download

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Mukoubuchi 400th Chapter Commemoration

Terribly Sorry if I got your hopes up for a new chapter, but I figured this was the best place to dump these illustrations from the September issue of Kindai Mahjong that were made to celebrate Mukoubuchi's 400th chapter, drawn by mangaka of other Kindai Mahjong series, including Fukumoto and Maeda Jirou! Don't worry, no spoilers! I do wanna get back to Mukoubuchi but I feel like I need to finish subbing Shin Janki first, if I even can. Hopefully we'll get a new chapter out soon! Anyway, here's the illustrations:

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Kita no Shishi Chapter 2

Finally, another chapter. Not of Ryuu, but of Kita no Shishi. I'm going to focus on finishing Kita no Shishi before going back to Ryuu, because it's easier for both of us.

Anyways, thanks to Penchan for the cleans and typesetting.

Once again I don't have much to say about this chapter. It's a little strange, has those gekiga sex scenes that I'm not a fan of, and overall isn't very good. The only reason it's of interest is because it came out right before Naki no Ryuu, and a lot of the names and faces show up again in Ryuu. Also it has that classic gekiga hardboiled style, so it still might be worth reading. Enjoy!


"I... I can finally become a real gambler!"

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Naki no Ryuu Chapter 22 and Complete Volume 3

We're back. It's been quite a while. I think this is because both Penchan and I have been working on series on the FKMTkrazy side (typesetting Kaiji and translating New Kurosawa respectively). Maybe a bit of laziness on my part too, but I won't admit it.

Thanks to Penchan for the cleaning typesetting and redrawing.

Download Chapter 22
Download Volume 3

I also have a bit of interesting news for you all: it seems that the Naki no Ryuu series has changed ownership from Takeshobo (publishers of Akagi, etc.) to Shogakukan. There are plans to reprint the entire series in 10 pocket-sized volumes (5 for the original and 5 for Gaiden).
Even more exciting is that an entirely new oneshot called Naki no Ryuu Genesis was recently published in Big Comic Original (coincidentally the home of New Kurosawa, haha). With the oneshot was an announcement of a new special edition of Big Comic dedicated to gambling, which would include a new Naki no Ryuu series (tentatively called "Naki no Ryuu 2016"). The issue is slated to come out this fall, and needless to say I'm pretty freaking excited.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Naki no Ryuu Chapter 21

We're back! And also apparently I lied way back in the post for the first chapter, because there's a very brief sex scene in this chapter. Old mahjong gekiga always featured that business, so I shouldn't be surprised, I guess.

Props to based Penchan for doing the cleaning and typesetting superfast after I procrastinated on translating even after he came back, haha.