Thursday, July 18, 2013

Tetsuya Volume 2 Batch (7-14)

Alright, finally we have a bit of a come back. 4 new chapters, finished off Volume 2. I didn't make individual downloads for them, since I assume everyone just prefers volume batches anyways.
Enjoy. Credits go to Doomroar, David, Crump, and I. 
Just for fun, here's a video of me doing the Tsubame Gaeshi, "the epitome of tile techniques."

Monday, June 24, 2013

Update (But no new chapters--yet)

As it is likely you've noticed, there's been no Tetsuya recently. But as I have come upon my summer break, I have quite a bit more time to devote to it. To make up for the lack of chapters recently, I plan to do a batch of the rest of Volume 2 in the coming weeks. Before summer ends I also want to release all of Volume 3, which may either come as a batch or over time with individual chapters, depending on how the pace feels. I may even take out a chunk of Volume 4 in this time. I don't plan to drop Tetsuya.

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Tetsuya 10

Introducing our new cleaner, Doomroar. Happy easter, folks. Glad we could at least get one chapter out before March ended.

I'll write a real blog later. Maybe.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Tetsuya 9
This is not yet on the official Mahjongkrazy mediafire, but it will go up sooner or later. Take this link for now!

Delays, delays, and more delays. I translated this in January, cleaned it 2 weeks ago, and David typeset it just today. I'm sure we have good excuses but you don't want to hear them now, do you? Anyways, enjoy Tetsuya and expect more soon. I'm on break and I want to translate as much as possible.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Tetsuya 8
We had this done and ready 4 days ago... sorry for serving it cold! I don't check my email enough it seems.

Tetsuya and Boushu have their infamous challenge at the shrine. Classic moment, at least for me. It's so simple and yet it embodies Boushu's winning philosophy so well. The anime did it justice, for sure.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Tetsuya 7
At long last, Tetsuya volume 2 begins.

You know what's kind of ironic? I translated this chapter in 2 days. 2 days!
Except I waited a month or two to do it, and then I couldn't get into the Mediafire for a solid week.  Ah well, if you've seen the anime this chapter should be nothing new to you. Tetsuya meets Boushu and realizes his talents are lacking. This is where the story truly starts, in my opinion. I think the anime had the right idea by skipping most of the first arc. Tetsuya really begins to develop after meeting Boushu.

Anyways, hope you guys enjoy some Tetsuya.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Nana-Chan Scrambles! + Death Pie Volume Release

All right, this is it, we're absolutely 100% done with Death Pie now. There were a few parts of the translation that I got mixed up, so I had Kazuhiko go back and do them over again. I'll detail those changes in a bit, but first, we have for you a fun little Oneshot by Shimamoto that was included in the same volume as Death Pie! I really thought it was quite funny, though like Death Pie it left a lot of questions unanswered. A nice little short to whet your whistle while you're waiting for more Tetsuya or Akagi or whatever it is you want.

So yeah, as I said, I thought this was a funny little short, and you can find it on the mediafire separated out from the other chapters of Death Pie. It does involve some of the same elements, like a Yakuza group that has mahjong rep players, but it's clearly not a manga to be taken very seriously. Nana-Chan is looking for her father, who was taken away by some Yakuza, so she goes to a mahjong parlor to gather clues using the last piece of evidence she has, a black mahjong tile. The Yakuza there refuse to tell her up front, so she challenges them to a Mahjong match.

There were many moments in the short that made me crack up, such as how Nana gasped when the Yakuza guy riichi'd, only to show a moment later that it was because she'd won. Also, the yakuza smiling and having a good time simply because Nana had been having so much luck by doing it was really hilarious. Also, if you're going to go for one yaku and one yaku only in mahjong, it seems that Niko-Niko (Chii Toitsu) is the way to go, as it's good at both offense and defense, though still quite lacking in the defense department.

So, there were a lot of questions that were asked and never answered, like why Nana's dad was taken away, who the detective was, stuff like that. My theory is that Shimamoto left it open like that in case people wanted more, but unfortunately it didn't get popular enough to warrant any more chapters. A shame. I would've liked to see more of Nana-Chan the genki girl owning souls with her Niko-Niko.

Below the cut are the changes made in the volume release of Death Pie.